Oppo F5 review – GSMArena.com tests

Introduction “Trendy” tends to get thrown around on today’s mobile scene quite a lot. It is just one of those loose-fitting adjectives that, through overuse, has practically lost all meaning. Still, looking at the Oppo F5, we can’t really think of any better way to

YouTube tightens rules on kid-related content

YouTube, that strange stew of the best and worst content on the web, is cracking down on abuse and error relating to kid-focused video. Jokers and questionably ethical creators who targeted kids or used them in their videos will have a harder time getting viewers

The rise of SPACs | TechCrunch

Every few years efforts to redefine the IPO emerge, and as night follows day, investors get hurt and calls for tighter regulatory reform echo in legislative chambers and cable TV studios. The last significant “re-invention” emerged in the height of the dot-com boom when online

New leaked image shows the Honor V10 for real

Huawei’s online-only sub-brand Honor is getting ready for a big launch event in China on November 28. That’s when the Honor V10 is expected to be unveiled. The handset has already been certified by TENAA ahead of its introduction, and earlier today we showed you

HTC U11+ in for review

Just when we feared they might be on the way out, they are right back in the big fight. Okay, that may be a bit of an overreaction, but make no mistake – HTC has a serious contender in the U11+. The HTC U11+ is