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Samsung gets into digital whiteboards with the $2700 Flip

Digital whiteboards are a curiously popular project for big companies to dabble with lately. It’s one of those things companies build because they can – because they’ve already figured out all the tech involved with their other projects. Google has the Jamboard. Microsoft has the

Samsung will add Bixby to its 2018 smart TVs

Samsung’s Bixby — the company’s answer to Siri and Google Assistant and the like — got off to a bit of a rocky start when it launched back in 2017, but they’re forging ahead with it. The company just announced at CES that Bixby will

Samsung CES 2018 Liveblog | TechCrunch

Samsung is one of the tentpoles that holds up CES. Every year the company has one of the largest offerings at the show and 2018 will not be different. Samsung’s press conference is always a good time if you’re watching from afar. It’s a mess

Where GoPro goes next | TechCrunch

GoPro, already a beloved camera brand, just couldn’t take flight. The GoPro vision – a little box you can attach to the wing of a plane or your ski helmet and catch unparalleled views of the world – is cloudy now on news that trading

Samsung’s Notebook 7 Spin refresh sneaks out ahead of CES

Another pre-CES announcement out of Samsung’s PC department less than a week ahead of the show. This time it’s a refresh to the Notebook 7 Spin, a convertible tablet with a 360-degree 13-inch display. It’s a update to last year’s well-received model that garnered solid

Samsung refreshes its Notebook 9 laptop line

They say Christmas season gets earlier every year, and the same seems to apply to CES. The year’s biggest tech show is a little less than a month away, yet Samsung’s already showing off what’s likely to be two of its bigger debuts for the