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Mysterious Lenovo with glossy back leaks

Back in April 2017 the ZUK Mobile division shut down, but Lenovo kept some of its high-profile managers./p> Chang Cheng, the former CEO of ZUI, posted a picture of a mysterious Lenovo-branded phone with glossy back on his personal Weibo profile. The image reveals a

Amazon Echo Spot comes to the UK, Germany and Austria

The Amazon Echo Spot has reached the UK, Germany and Austria. Well, it’s on Amazon’s site anyway and you can pre-order today, but shipping will start on January 24. You may still want to order now as there’s a promo if you buy two. One

Deal: Alcatel Idol 4S with Win 10 for $100

The alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10, also seen at some markets as the Idol 4 Pro, received several price cuts since its unveiling in Q3 2016. The free fall of the price now reached $100/C$125 on the Microsoft Store. If paying $100 is not

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 leak confirms dual camera setup

The successor to the Xiaomi Mi Max 2, likely to be called Mi Max 3, has leaked in an image. It confirms the dual rear camera setup that rumors so far had suggested. Both Mi Max 2 and the original Mi Max featured a single