Weekly poll results: fingerprint readers below the screen is what you want in 2018

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life – why complicate things with 3D facial scanning when the fingerprint reader does an excellent job already. Especially if that reader is in a convenient place, say under the screen.

That’s the feature that excites most of our readers, it got 38% of the vote in last week’s poll. That will soon be a reality, vivo promises to put out a phone in early 2018. We put our finger on it and found that while it’s not the fastest reader around it was average – impressive enough for first-generation tech.

Surprisingly, not many people are looking forward to triple cameras in 2018. Or perhaps it’s not that surprising, considering that the Pixel 2 phones take amazing photos with just one camera. Same for the proliferation of OLED screens – most people find it hard to get excited about.

It is worth pointing out that the Synaptics-supplied tech used by vivo works exclusively with OLED displays, but perhaps that will change in the future.

Only 4% of the vote went to the Other option. We went through the comments and found that battery related wishes are the most common: more capacity, replaceable batteries, better charging methods. Others were just asking for what we took for granted, things like FM radio and a 3.5mm jack.

Anyway, vivo may be the first with a fingerprint reader below the screen but it won’t be the only one. If nothing else, we suspect that the other BBK brands will bring out their own models