Daily Archives: January 3, 2018

Google faces revised gender-pay lawsuit

Google is facing a revised class-action gender-pay lawsuit that alleges Google underpaid women in comparison with their male counterparts and asked new hires about their prior salaries, The Guardian first reported. The revised lawsuit also adds a fourth complainant, Heidi Lamar, who was a teacher

Google Pixel 2 XL long-term review

Introduction Last year Google finally got serious about smartphones, and not just smartphone operating systems (an area it’s been winning in for years). The Pixel line isn’t just an overpriced Nexus wannabe as the haters will say, and you need to look no further than

Designing blockchains for a frictionless world

Faisal supports strategy and business development for the Dubai office of ConsenSys, an Ethereum venture production studio. More posts by this contributor: Every enthusiast in the crypto and blockchain space that has “seen the light” believes in a future that is collaborative, transparent and frictionless.

LG V30 drops to $674.99 unlocked, $150 off

Little more than one month – that’s how long the price of the unlocked LG V30 in the US managed to stay at or around the recommended level. The carrier-free version of the Korean company’s latest flagship smartphone made its debut on December 1, with