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Best phones, worst phones 2017

Introduction As 2017 draws to a close, we take a look back at the phones, which impressed us, and the ones which disappointed us. This end-of-year edition of our Editors Talk series will give you a glimpse at the love-and-hate relationship we have with smartphones

LG teams up with HERE for self-driving telematics tech

LG is looking at the rise of autonomous vehicle technologies as an opportunity to expand its electronics business, and it’s now working with mapping provider HERE to put together a telematics product aimed at self-driving vehicle applications. The joint solution will put LG’s telematics tech

Top 10 fan favorite phones of 2017

Popularity is one thing, but winning people’s hearts is a completely different task. It’s now time to look back at 2017 and see which phones you guys liked the best. We’ll rank the phones that got the most favorites by the registered users on our

HQ Trivia arrives on Android in Canada in beta

App-based trivia sensation HQ Trivia is on its way to Android, as the company previously revealed, but a special group of users can access it right now — Canadians. The app is now live in the Canadian Google Play Store, though it’s an “Unreleased” beta