Daily Archives: December 23, 2017

Top 10 phones of 2017: Best selfie cameras

We’d understand you if you take your selfies with the rear camera in the elevator mirror – some of us do. There are inevitably occasions when you don’t have a mirror handy, though, and you still want to know what’s going to eventually make it

Looking back at SoftBank’s big year

While venture capitalists vie to fund massively scalable businesses, they tend to view their own industry as size-constrained. Common wisdom is that with a limited supply of successful startups, greatly inflating the amount of available capital to invest in them leads to asset bubbles. This

Tech in 2017: Crazy, troubled and out of control?

There’s no doubt about it, it’s been a difficult year for the technology industry. It’s also been a crazy year for tech, with cryptocurrencies surging and rollercoastering in value — presumably minting a few millionaires along the way, assuming they actually cashed their coin out.

Sharp Aquos S2 hands-on review

Introduction It’s not often we have a Sharp device with us for review. Primarily sold in East Asian markets, these devices are hard to come by elsewhere. So, when Sharp contacted us to review their mostly new Aquos S2, we couldn’t really say no. The